The Right Clean is able to offer a professional Scotchguard treatment for your carpets and upholstery.

This is a very effective way to protect against stain damage in the future.

Scotchgard is a product developed by 3M that is used on carpet, upholstery and fabric as a stain repellent and water repellent. It works by creating an invisible coating to the carpet fibres or fabric, making it harder for dirt and soil to become attached. It also helps protect from staining. Most carpet and upholstery come with a layer of protection from the mill where they were manufactured, however over time this coating wears off and makes your carpet more susceptible to soiling and stains. This coating can be re-applied with Scotchgard to help build back up that barrier of protection that came with your carpet when it was new.

Scotchgard Treatments The Right Clean

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The benefits of Scotchguard

Protects Your Carpet and Upholstery

Scotchgard is great for protecting against stains, but it can also protect your carpet fibers and upholstered furniture from wear. The protective seal is applied to the surface of your carpet or furniture and creates a barrier that protects from premature wear, so it can extend the life of your carpet.

Prolongs that ‘Just Cleaned’ Look

One reason to have Scotchgard applied right after a professional cleaning is to preserve that “just cleaned” look that everyone loves right after cleaning. No one wants to pay the cost of a professional cleaning just to have it dirty again in a month or so. Having your carpet or furniture Scotchgarded will give you peace of mind knowing that your carpets are not only clean but protected.

The Right Clean Scotchgard Warranty

Scotchgard applied by The Right Clean has a 12 month warranty.


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